Ski With The Pros - Travers Grand Prix


By Travis Torley April 13th, 2019

For most of us, being a professional waterskier will only ever be a dream. For one weekend a year you can live out that dream and compete among the best in the world. Competing in the same waterski tournament is one thing but the Travers Grand Prix brings you into the fold. Handicapped slalom, go kart racing, and skeet shooting all while paired with a pro.

Jon Travers goes out of his way to make sure that every pro competes with his team and gives them a small glimpse into what the life of a pro skier is like.

The slalom skiing portion is mostly what you would expect from a Record tournament in Florida. The likes of Will Asher Freddie Winter and of course Jon Travers walking the shoreline and preparing to compete for the grand prize. There is some amazing skiing against some tough competition. Who doesn’t want to watch the best in the world run into 41 off?


In my opinion the most fun and entertaining event is the go kart racing. You are not only racing karts that go 55 mph but you see the pros out of their element. Whether on the water or behind the wheel these guys are ultra competitive. You can stand on the side and watch them race for every tenth of a second and put each other into the tire barricade. A large part of the evening consists of a catered dinner and sitting around enjoying the amazing company. The athletes go out of their way to be accessible. Getting to sit down and talk waterskiing with these guys is a rare opportunity for most of us.

The last event of the weekend is the skeet shoot. This part of the event seems to be the most intimidating for most. For most of the competitors this is the only time of year that they shoot. While this can provide for a wide range of scores from a perfect ten for ten it can also lead to some very low scores. By this point in the competition friendships have been made and some friendly banter is heard around the audience.

In conclusion if you have ever wanted to have a great weekend rubbing shoulders with some of the best waterskiers in the world I would highly recommend the Travers Grand Prix. The crew at Sunset lakes work very hard to make it a smooth enjoyable event. They arrange a food truck to be on site along with Ski-Doc and Performance Ski and Surf. A huge thank you to HO skis, Ski-Doc, Shorts Brewing, Edge bindings, and all the other sponsors. As if you needed another reason to attend the prizes for making the podium this year were a new rope and handle, Jack Travers book and the first place prize a new HO ski.